Discover a Sleep Solution for safer and more productive workforce

BHP A.H. Beard

It’s medically proven that regular, good quality sleep makes us safer and more productive at work.
To help your shift workers reap those benefits, A.H. Beard has launched Australia’s first Sleep Wellness solution for mining communities.

Combining expert sleep coaching and chiropractor-approved products, it’s a solution that’s as good for business as it is for employee wellbeing.

Product and education solutons for onsite Sleep Wellness to assist with Fatigue Management and Mental Health.

Employee Purchase Program giving team members affordable access to the same ensemble at home to promote consistently good sleep.

Featuring the chiropractic-approved Reflex support system that dynamically adapts to each body’s sleep support needs.

Proven sleep solutions enhancing the quality of life at some of Australia’s largest mining communities.

A family run Australian business since 1899.

Happier, safer and more productive workforce.

It starts with Premium Sleep

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