Sleep Smart, Work Smart: How Sleep Wellness Transforms Your Business.

If employee well-being, performance management and employee mental health are a focus for your organisation, talk to the team about how we can help. We offer solutions that are as good for your business as they are for your employees.

Four in ten Australian adults aren’t getting the quality or quantity of sleep they need.
Sleep is the foundation of physical health, mental well-being and overall quality of life.

Poor sleep quality is a very real public health issue. It affects around 7.4 million people in Australia* and manifests itself in every aspect of daily life: from our moods, relationships and general happiness to our productivity and safety at work.

With proven education and product solutions, we are enhancing the quality of life at some of Australia’s largest mining communities and impacting employees in a number of other industries. Thereby we are supporting their employee health and wellness strategies and positively impacting a number of KPI’s for each business.

Tailored sleep solutions for your needs, budget, and schedule.

Engage our Keynote speakers or choose the most appropriate program from Lite for foundation sleep wellness information, Premium for an enhanced employee-focused program, or Customised for custom content, facilitation and reporting aligning with organisation goals and objectives.

Our content includes videos and leading educational modalities that explain the journey to Premium Sleep. Built around 5 core topics, the focus is on employee well-being (hyphenated) and how sleep wellness impacts their performance.

Products designed for comfort and durability, featuring chiropractic approved support systems, 10-year commercial warranty and designed for the environment.

Employee Purchase Programs, giving team members affordable access to quality products for their homes and family.

Australian Made products. A family run business since 1899.

Sustainable manufacturing practices, looking after the planet and your employees.

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