Sensitive Choice Approved

The National Asthma Council of Australia has developed a program to assist Australians and New Zealanders to identify products that may help them to mange asthma and allery symptoms more effectively. A.H. Beard mattresses that carry the Sensitive Choice blue butterfly logo provide long term protection against dust mites, mould and bacteria, to ensure a healthier sleep environment.

Recommended by the Experts

King Koil and the International Chiropractors Association first came together in 1969 to create a sleep system that combined King Koil’s comfort features and specialised designs with the ICA’s requirements for clinically sound postural support. King Koil has been designing and developing quality, chiropractic approved sleep systems in conjunction with the ICA ever since.


A.H. Beard uses foams that utilise the world’s most advanced foam-making technology. Unlike traditional foam manufacturing, EvoFoam does not use potentially harmful chemical additives and processes. The result is cleaner, greener, superior quality foam.

Good Environmental Choice

AH Beard’s EvoFoams have been independently tested by Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA), and certified as the highest level of environmental preference, exceeding Australian and international environmental regulations.